Monday, March 25, 2013



Reasons for Foot Surgery

The more you know about what to expect, the more smoothly your treatment, either conservative or surgical, is likely to be.  While each problem is unique, there are three basic goals: to relieve pain, to restore function, or to improve the appearance of your feet.

Relieve Pain
Feet that hurt interfere with your work, family, and your social life.  Pain often signals an underlying problem.   Fortunately, in many cases, foot treatment can correct the problem and relieve the pain.

Restore Function
If your feet are not doing their job, it is hard for you to do yours.  When simply walking becomes a problem, your lifestyle is affected.  But accepting a life of hobbling or sitting on the sidelines can make you old before your time.  Foot surgery can be performed at almost any age - and in most cases, surgery can restore the normal use of your feet.

Improve Appearance
Although foot surgery is not usually performed for cosmetic reasons alone, it can often improve the appearance of your feet.

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